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Sotiris Fotiou C.V.

Please download my C.V.


MSc in Engineering Management from the University of Sunderland U.K. year 2001. MS Project Management, Primavera.

MSc in Communications and Signal Processing at the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne U.K. year 2000

Bachelor of Engineering at the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne U.K. 1996-1999.

Phd candidate at ionio University .

Working Experience

Computer Science Teacher, Ministry of Education Greece. 2 Years Responsible position for I.T and Networks and Hardware at Secondary Education of Corfu. 11 years teaching experience in Primary and Secondary education. Lectures at the Ionio University during my Phd candidate position.

MSoftware engineer at Intracom Telecom in Patras and in Thessaloniki Greece. Projects for Ericsson Mobile. 2 years experience.

Junior project manager at Flowserve Corporation U.K. 5 months experience.


Updated 2017

1. Year 2015 Computers Science Teachers Association C.S.T.A. New York U.S.A.   (photo 1)

2. Year 2015 Commercial chamber Corfu Greece (photo 2)

3. Year 2015 Municipality of Corfu (photo 3)

4. Year 2016 Syllogos STIRIXI (photo 4)

5. Year 2016 Gold award at the Educational Business Awards for the Student Project NeverLost App (photo 5)

6. Year 2017 Silver award at the Educational Business Awards for the Student Project CorfuPedia (photo 6)

7. Year 2017 Gold award at the Educational Business Awards for the Student Project NeverMissABus App. (photo 7)

8. Year 2017 First place for project E-move at the 1st Ionio Student Innovation Competition Corfu Greece (photo 8) 

9. Neverlost team accompanied the Olympic flame of Rio 2016 ιn Corfu (photo 9) 


Neverlost App

Android Development

The Android application that  was created by students as a useful tool for all children and answers some questions that a child may have when lost. The app allows children in trouble to contact their family with just two clicks.


Never Miss A Bus App

Android Development

The students' mobile app creation that aims to help touritsts and citizens of Corfu island Greece on their everyday lives. An awarded project imagined designed and implemented by students of secondary education in Greece.



Collaborative learning

CorfuPedia is an educational project with the main purpose of introducing students to Wikipedia by creating new insights into the history of the place where they live. In total 106 students & 18 teachers and researchers collaborated.


Tech Escape Room

STEM and Gamification 

Thechnology Escape Room is going to be the first escape room that it is going to be implemented in high schools in 3 different countries. S.T.E.M. with gamification techniques are the key elements on the design.



Flipped Classroom

Students in the ongoing project try to share their knowledge that they take in classroom with the rest of their fellow citizens. In this way they learn how to be teachers themselves and to help others with their expertise on computers.


E-move Robotics 

Arduino robotics

E-move (part of larger project) aims to bring persons with disabilities closer so that they can talk, solve their problems and connect with the municipality that they live in, so that local communities can provide solutions to their everyday lives.


The poterman game 

Game creation

Save the mpoti or The Crazy Potterman is a game that was designed and created by the students of IEK Corfu. The purpose of the creation was to support Corfu as European cultural capital candidate of 2021. Play it!  


Internet Safety

Presentations web2.0 tools

MStudents of High School Kastellanon Corfu create presentations to hightlight the big issue of cyber-bullying in our era. Also they show the importance of dreaming, in every children life no matter where they live.

C.V. and skills

Education Project Management


Web Design






Download my full C.V. here

I work in the Secondary education of the Greek Educational system. I teach computing Science to students from the age of 6 to 96! I try to be up to date concerning my interests in technology in order to be able to transfer my knowledge to my students. Everyday I try to learn something new and moreover to make something new!

At the past i worked in the private area in Intracom S.A. (Greece) and in Flowserve Corp. (U.K.).